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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Merge two Columns into one column while showing data Seperately

Use case scenario:  You may need to show your two column header as well as data into a single ADF Table column. 
Please refer the below image for use case:

ADF has made this use case very simple.
You have just wrap your existing(required) Columns into a single column and its done.

Here is the required code sample:
 <af:column headerText="Emplyee Name"  id="c5" align="center">
          <af:column headerText="First Name" id="c8">
                     <af:outputText value="F_Name #{vs.index+1} " id="ot6"/>
          <af:column headerText="Last Name" id="c9">
                    <af:outputText value="L_Name #{vs.index+1}" id="ot5"/>

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