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Thursday 22 May 2014

How to make Appmodule service interface

Exposing Appmodule's VO as a webservice is pretty easy in Oracle ADF. It can be achieved very quickly
Here are the steps:
  1.  Open the Appmodule and go to ServiceInterface link.
  2. Before creating the ServiceInterface you can also create your custom methods exposed to AM. These will be also converted to webservices.
  3. Now click on + icon in the ServiceInterface tab of AM.
  4. Custom methods exposed to AM will be displayed here as the Service
    Custom methods. Expose these if you want to.
  5. Now go to Service View Instances tab to expose your VOs to the webservices.
  6. Now you are ready to deploy this AM service interface to your server. Follow the deployment steps as follows:-
  7. Go to your model- >right click-> Deployment profiles->Business Components Service interface-> give a meaning full profile name.
  8. Now go to Application properties ->Deployment->Edit the ear-> Application Assembly->Model->Check only MiddleTier[Uncheck the common].
  9. Click Ok and deploy the ear to your server.
  10. Don't forget to add yourAppModuleNameService?wsdl after the model context-root

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