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Monday 25 June 2012

ADF Project Intergration / Integration of ADF Projects

There are two ways of Integrating adf projects as far as I know::

1. SVN
2. ADF library jars

Setting up SVN and integrating the project is left as it is not much of adf special feature…..
I am gonna describe how to Integrate several adf projects through adf library jars…..

Here the use case is – I have to integrate ProjectB into Project A

1. Here we create only adf task flows in ProjectB to integrate into ProjectA

2. Create a new AppModule in ProjectB…
Important note:: Make sure your appmodule has a different name than the project you are integrating with , like if integrating with projectA then in projectB name the appmodule as AppmoduleProjectB1, AppmoduleProjectB2, AppmoduleProjectB3 etc. -like this if you have multiple appmodules(or you can name it as your module specific name )- Also make sure Appmodule is created in Model of the project

3. Make sure you always add your viewobjects always inside your appmodule
Click on browse {the last one} and select your appmodule
4. Now created a task-flow that is to be integrated in ProjectA { I named it as project-test-task-flow} and inside it created a view as testB.jsff

5. After creating the adf task flow{page-flow} the time has come to make a adf library jar..
Right click on view-controller >Project Properties>Deployment>Use Custom Settings>customize settings>New>Archive type>ADF Library Jar File> Name can be anything you like {unique}

6. Now Right click on view-controller >Deploy >jar name you choose
Make sure your deployment is successful
Deployed jar location is \ViewControllerProjectB\deploy

7. Time to go to ProjectA .. create a new file system connection if not existed already with above deployed library jar location

Or paste the jar in existing jar location ,In ProjectA make sure you are creating a jsf page for task flows to Display>then add Library to project
8. Create a jspx page in Project A: You have to create a jspx page to render the page fragment of project B. In this jspx make sure you have a region[facet] in which task flow from project B can be dropped.

Now you can see the integration  as  partial render in design view 

Now the final render in the Browser

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