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Sunday 18 March 2012

Jdeveloper time Zone error

This is one of the most common error one can face Probably when your database is in different time zone or wrongly configured time. It usually happens with the database on the Linux/Solaris servers...
There is a simple workaround for this. Here it is...

1.Go to  the Project properties of (Model and ViewController) ...Right click on Model and ViewController to go to Project Properties or double click it..
2.Go to Run/Debug/Profile on the Left Pane.
 3.Select Launch Settings on the left pane and in Java option enter this value Note: you can change according to your Timezone.
this above command works for India .Set your time accordingly...
 4.Click OK and OK again Save your project and then close JDeveloper and open again.
5. Run your application again and you can see the error gone

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